We offer coating solutions for many applications:

Trucks and Off Road Vehicles

  • Bedliners
  • Sidewalls, Fenders, Bumpers
  • Entire Outer Shell
  • Undercarriage – Much better than cheap tar products

Fleets and Commercial

We offer services for large businesses to protect their investments whether it’s dump trucks, semis, oil transport or any other large transport vehicle. Including protection from rock chips, dings, scrapes and other road hazards.

Industrial and Mining

We provide solutions for protective coatings that fit under budget for large jobs. Spray-Lining produces coatings that we provide to mining operations. Oil and Minerals included. Speak with a specialist about anti-slip coatings, equipment and vehicle protection from Flany’s spray lining and coatings. Polyurea, Polyurethane, poly hybrid coating solutions for all applications.

We are the Rhinolining Alternative, Line-x and Scorpion Coatings Competitor

  • Line-X – by Claudio Burtin who spun off Rhino Linings and became Bullet Liner
  • Rhino Linings – owned by Russell Lewis who recently started Concrete Solutions, targeting large jobs
  • Ultimate Linings – also called Xtreme Liners with low and high pressure systems, respectively. They sell a cartridge system called QwikLiner.
  • Scorpion Coatings – from Cloverdale, Indiana, a softer product whose DIY bed liner is called Al’s Liner.
  • Speedliner by Industrial Polymers of Houston, Texas – Speedliner 1000, sprayed only through a hopper gun, is their main product.


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