What’s the Spray-Lining Difference?

Line-X Bedliners in the Great Lakes

Stratford, Tavistock, Saint Marys, Mitchell, Wellesley, Kitchener, London

We offer a clear advantage over Line-X in Ontario and around the Great Lakes. Flany’s Bed Liners offers true VOC free bedliner solutions that are safe for the environment and provide the best of class products and service, hands down. Because Spray-Lining dealers are given exclusive zone locks, there is no reason for locations to maximize their profits on you. SL Dealers buy enough material to pass their savings on to the consumer.

True coverage at the proper mil height is important to us because of the lifetime warranty we maintain. Without a superior application from the start, we would not be able to stand by our bedliner guarantee.

Rhino Linings in Ontario

Flany’s Linin and Coatings is the alternative to Rhino Linings in Southeastern Ontario. Spray-Lining and Coating products have been developed over years by testing against competitors like Rhino Linings. The true value comes from a quality spray on bedliner that is delivered the same day with no VOC’s or isocyantates which are extremely harmful to people and the environment. Also, because Flany’s and Spray-Lining prides itself on consistency, there is no room for dealers to modify the formula in order to profit unreasonably on your job.

It takes a professional to apply these materials properly and consistently. Spray-Lining dealers are trained with a complex series of instruction that teaches the full range of their bedliner materials for use in all applications. Not just truck bedliners.

Flany’s Lining and Coatings (That’s Us)

You get the advantage of great savings from the manufacturer as well as a superior application and service with your truck bed liner or special application coating. We give you the benefit of small company focus and care with big company savings and guarantees. Flany’s is the only bedliner applicator in the area who can do this.

  • High Quality Poly Hybrid Spray Bed liners
  • Manufacturer Backed Warranty
  • Savings Passed Directly to the consumer
  • Great Care with Preparation of your Vehicle
  • Bring your Truck Back for FREE Repairs after Installation



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  1. I liked that you had mentioned that adding a rhino lining will not only look good but it can also protect the interior bed of the truck. My truck is beating up pretty badly in the bed and I’ve been wanting to stop this from occurring for awhile now but I haven’t really had the opportunity to. Knowing that it will make my truck bed look good again and protect the bed of the truck, I might have to start looking around for somewhere in my area that could handle putting in a rhino lining.

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